Hong Leong Foundation

Hong Leong Foundation

Hong Leong Foundation

Hong Leong Foundation

Incorporated in 1992, the Hong Leong Foundation is a corporate foundation funded by contributions from companies of the Hong Leong Group. We believe in enabling and empowering people to lead productive lives so that they can be alleviated from poverty and have a better quality of life.


    To contribute to the alleviation of poverty in Malaysia through sustainable and effective programmes that:
  • improve educational outcomes of the underprivileged.
  • support community development through aid to the disadvantaged


  • To identify and develop innovative programmes that advance education and community development in Malaysia, in accordance with the charter of the Foundation.
  • To provide grants for high impact, sustainable projects that aid the nations under-served communities.
  • To facilitate smart partnerships with charities, non-profits, and community organizations to further the philanthropic mandate of the Foundation.

This can be achieved by the Group’s interest and passion centred on 2 pillars: Education & Community Development.



We believe in the transformative power of a good education and aim to assist in providing access to this by giving out scholarships for tertiary education, supporting after school care programmes and forming partnership with NGOs where education is central to their mission and vision. These scholarship awards do not carry any requirements of repayment or bonding to the Group.


Community Development

The Foundation reaches out to, and supports the community through various programmes aimed at addressing needs, contributing towards better livelihoods and pushing towards self-sufficiency through employment or entrepreneurship, and supporting partner organisations achieve their social mission and vision in more sustainable and effective ways. We support these organizations through our community welfare and social enabler programmes to provide either ad-hoc contributions/ in-kind support or execute long-term impactful programmes for the beneficiaries.

Each year, the Foundation is audited by an independent third-party auditors and the Foundation’s full yearly accounts can be obtained from the Companies Commission Malaysia. Our Board of Directors takes a keen interest in the operations of the Foundation. We are constantly aware that our Fund must reach grassroots level and are directly for the beneficiaries. As such we do not sponsor events, galas, etc.

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