After School Programme

Orang Asli Literacy And Story Programme

Orang Asli Literacy And Story Programme

Orang Asli Literacy And Story Programme

The Hong Leong Foundation in collaboration with British Council as the service provider is investing in this programme that actively engages and addresses the needs of 3 separate groups:

Primary pupils
Language teachers
Parents and community 

In order to facilitate lasting positive change in this area, our approach involves supporting the skills development of these groups, leaving the community and local education system better able to support the development of literacy and with improved attitudes towards English and reading during the proposed programme and beyond.

Considering the available resources and identified need, the British Council have identified 6 Orang Asli schools and communities. The specific communities to be engaged with were identified upon confirmation of viable project schools by the Ministry of Education. British Council will conduct a series of activities that includes need analysis visits to the Orang Asli community, teacher’s training workshop, setting up of school libraries and community story and reading workshop. Another key element to the whole programme is engagement and involvement of parents’ that will harness significant effect on children’s achievement and overall being.

The programme aims to achieve the following milestones:

Primary children (up to 4800 beneficaries)

  • To develop increasingly positive attitudes towards English, speaking, storytelling and reading.
  • To develop children's receptive English skills and confidence speaking out in English.
  • To have increased exposure to engaging, high quality and age appropriate texts.

English Teachers (up to 30 participants)

  • To give teachers the resources and skills to enable improved literacy in their schools.
  • To support teachers in incorporating communicative approaches within their classroom practice, increasing opportunities for pupils to gain confidence using English.
  • To develop teachers' ability to actively manage their continuing professional development.

Community and parents (up to 1200 beneficaries)

  • To forge closer links between schools and parents, resulting in more direct, mutually beneficial cooperation.
  • To develop increasingly positive attitudes towards English, and supporting others in engaging with books, literacy and English language learning.
  • To celebrate indigenous culture by recording community stories and enabling them to be shared with a national audience.

Possible Measurable Impact

  • Attitudes to English and reading in the schools have greatly improved
  • Teachers are skilled to deliver motivating reading and literacy classes
  • Local stories have helped the community share their heritage, and parents, students and the wider community all have more positive attitudes towards reading and English through the storytelling and community activities
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