"The Foundation has always regarded education as the strongest empowerment tool to break the cycle of poverty and offer opportunities for the betterment of oneself"

Quek Sue Yian, Hong Leong Foundation Director

Education & Enrichment


Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship

The Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship has traditionally been the backbone and the primary reason the Foundation was first set up. Intended to benefit Malaysian students from low-income families, the Foundation believes that providing scholarships is about providing opportunities- giving the students the avenue to attain higher education qualification and to equip themselves with essential knowledge and skills to secure employment upon completion of their studies.

Since its inception, to date, the Foundation has presented over 1000 scholarships worth more than MYR30 million to deserving youths to pursue their higher education studies.

To ensure success in this current social and economic environment where a degree does not often equate with employment or an ability to be entrepreneurs, the Foundation provides the following perks embedded within the scholarship offer.

Enrichment Programmes

    • In-house enrichment programmes designed to provide life skills training aimed to instil motivation, confidence and self-belief.
    • Opportunity to participate in volunteerism initiatives arranged with local NGOs.

Internship Placement

    • Internship placement within the Group’s operating companies in various business sectors - Banking and Financial, Manufacturing, Leisure and Property Development.

Scholars Talent Pathway

  • Access to career talks and fairs organised by the Group.
  • Opportunity to explore employment with the Group upon graduation.

HLF Scholarship Programme

HLF Undergraduate Scholarship

Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship

The Hong Leong Foundation offers scholarships to Malaysians intending to pursue further studies in Diploma or Undergraduate Degree programme. The scholarship is offered annually and the call for application starts on 1st April and ends 31st of May each year.

The scholarship is awarded to those pursuing in Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Undergraduate Studies (1st degree course in ANY course or field of studies on full time basis at recognised public and private universities and colleges in Malaysia.

The selected scholarship recipient will receive:

Undergraduate courses in Public Universities
RM 8,500 / = p.a.
Diploma/Advanced Diploma courses in Public & local Private Universities
RM 6,000 / = p.a.
Undergraduate studies at local private universities ("3+0" degree programmes on full-time and on-campus basis)
up to RM24,000 / = p.a.
Medicine/Dentistry courses in local Private Universities
up to RM32,000 / = p.a.


The HLF Undergraduate Scholarship is a non-bonding scholarship.

Reach Out and Rise

Reach Out & Rise


The Foundation introduced the Reach Out and Rise (ROAR) Education Development Programme in 2014. The programme is aimed to provide an opportunity for students to pursue their higher education studies with enrichment support for the students. ROAR scholars comprise bright young people who due to extremely unconducive environments were not able to excel academically.

Learn & Earn

Learn & Earn

Learn & Earn

At Hong Leong Group, we notice gaps in the skills-based talent pool and recognized the need to create an avenue to develop young talents to become qualified employee with the right knowledge and skills set.

The Foundation explored ways to garner the interest and nurture talent of young Malaysians especially those from an underprivileged background to participate in skills-based studies and be competitive on a global scale.

Scholar's Journey

Scholar's Journey

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Shaun Adam
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Choong Wei Ling
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Amelia Ng
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Liyanie Hazimi
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Chua Yong Xia
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Tan Kar Man
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Nadia Mohd Noh
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Lim Ai Han
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Joanna Ghazali
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Shaun Adam

    “A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step”, - Lao Tzu.

    The wise words of this old Chinese philosopher have echoed throughout history and for me, it has proven time and time again very relevant.

    The globalized World has allowed us to see many different things from all around the World, but I wanted to experience it. I wanted an International experience where I could learn and grow from other cultures and people. Thus, I decided to apply for a scholarship to enable me to study abroad, somewhere far from home that could fulfill my wishes while enriching myself with newfound knowledge and skills.

    There were a few opportunities around, the Hong Leong Foundation Masters Scholarship being one of them. At first, I was hesitant; I had a stable job and certain commitments. Time waits for no man, and I thought to myself, I owe it to myself to at least give it a try with my current qualifications that I have worked so hard to achieve. First I applied to the University of my choice and then I proceeded to apply for the scholarship. At that time, the thought of applying for the scholarship was both daunting and exciting. The whole process was long, and at times challenging yet I gave it my all at each stage and finally was blessed and qualified enough to receive the scholarship.

    So it begins, my journey to Scotland, the colder part of the United Kingdom to study in one of the top Universities, the University of Edinburgh. At first the transition took some time for me to adjust but it was not too long before I managed to adapt to environment and make some good friends.

    Studying my master in International Business and Emerging Markets required my full time attention as the course and the University adhered to very high standards.

    In terms of knowledge, I had the opportunity to learn so much in a short period of time. The classes here were very interactive and in a class of 50 students, everyone contributed, benefiting each other as a whole. The Business School of the University also had a student development team which assisted students to develop core skills and personal development growth. Something I believe Malaysian Universities should adapt, a brilliant balance of complementing skills development to the academic learning process.

    Although much of my time here was spent studying, I did have some free time to travel the country and visit the Scottish Highlands. The beautiful scenery and nature was captivating, I could not stop taking pictures. I was privileged enough to visit Loch Ness, the rumored home of Nessie the Loch Ness monster.

    Personally, I have gain an international perspective studying abroad with people from all around the World. I also learn to cook Asian food, something I did not take the time to learn back home.

    My advice to future potential applicants, the future may be scary but push yourself out of that comfort zone and aim higher. That first step you take will lead you to an unforgettable experience that will truly enrich your soul

    Shaun Adam is a currently a Hong Leong Masters Scholarship Holder undertaking his Masters in International Business and Emerging Markets the University of Edinburgh.

    Be like Shaun and pursue your dreams with a Hong Leong Foundation Masters Scholarship. Apply now at http://www.hongleongfoundation.org/hlf-masters-application/

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Choong Wei Ling

    Someone once told me: “Never let financial constraints restrict your dreams. Let the sky be your limit.”

    I remember I was in my final year of my pre-university education when I heard this advice. Like many other Malaysian students, I was at a crossroad and I did not know which path to choose. Studying in Oxford has always been my dream, but I was too afraid to put forward my application. I was afraid that my parents would be burdened by hefty education costs and that my mediocre command of English would be a barrier to my academic achievements. That year, fear won, I lost.

    A few years later, I am in my mid 20’s and working in a prominent law firm in Malaysia. It was a good career and life but those wise words kept repeating in my head. What if I’ve tried achieving my dream?

    I remember vividly that on the day I submitted my application, thousands of “what ifs” crossed my mind. What if I have obtained the offer but would not be able to pay the fees? What if I failed? What if I chose to continue my stable career path? For most of us, there are times in our lives where our dreams come within our grasp, but fear and doubt cloud our judgment. That was the case for me too.

    Nevertheless, I persisted. And this year, I won, fear lost. I was accepted into Oxford, and I overcame the financial constraints with a scholarship from Hong Leong Foundation which helped to pay for the fees. It's a cliché, but dreams are indeed achievable. Reach out to them with all your heart and soul, and who knows what you may achieve?

    I am grateful to Hong Leong Foundation for giving me the chance to further my studies in Oxford and to benefit from the cultural and intellectual exchange there. I enjoy learning from prominent lecturers and legal practitioners, in addition to attending class discussions which constantly challenge my thoughts and views. As the saying goes: “the more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know”.

    Photo caption: My coursemates and me at Oriel College, Oxford dining hall

    Apart from studying, I spent most of my time immersing myself in English traditions there, and learning about other cultures from my interactions with my classmates. As the only Malaysian in my course, I interact with people from different countries and backgrounds on a daily basis and this greatly enriches and broadens my experiences there. Life is now like a little box of chocolates to me, with each day promising a new experience, a new insight, a new friend.

    This is my most precious treasure in Oxford - the cultural and intellectual exchange, the opportunity to broaden my mind and to realise that the world is so huge and that our views can be so narrow and parochial at times.

    Photo caption: Ten of us from ten different countries, in one journey together.

    If I did not take a step forward and apply for the scholarship, I would be the same associate, living the same life, thinking about the same “what ifs” everyday. Looking back, I am glad that I put aside the "what ifs", and sent the application in. For those of you reading this, I hope you can rekindle the dreams you once had.

    Dreams are achievable when you put in the efforts to realize it. The Hong Leong Foundation is there as a platform for you to expand your wings. If you are a talent, do not let financial constraints restrict your limits. Stepping out of your comfort zone can be daunting, but it can be hugely rewarding as well. So, step out of your comfort zone today and you have my well wishes with you.

    Choong Wei Ling - University of Oxford

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Amelia Ng

    “Nothing is impossible” is a phrase frequently said by many. But, how many of us hold this belief dearly in our daily lives, be it while pursuing our dreams or even achieving a new goal?

    Life as we all know never ceases to throw challenges at us. Then again, we won’t be left to face them alone. There are many good Samaritans around, waiting to lend us a helping hand. I found one – Hong Leong Foundation (HLF).

    Everyone’s dream is unique. For me, I grew up loving figures. I love mathematics and my calculator is the most treasured item in my pencil case. Through these simple likings, I chose to pursue the accountancy pathway.

    Even though studying Accounting to many is a challenge, that didn’t deter me from my determination to achieve my dream. I always envisioned myself as being in a profession relating to accountancy, be it an auditor, an accountant or even a lecturer. For that, I leave it to where my future leads me.

    My college life - Being around friends with the same interest, passing exams together, joining activities etc. has always been a joy to me. Looking back, I would proudly say I have lived my college life to the fullest. I was lucky, I had an additional financial support from HLF. There was not a time that I would have to worry about getting a part time job to provide for my expenses.

    Heard of the saying, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”? HLF is not only generous in their financial support, but also sees the need in giving us a hands-on platform to develop our soft skills. It was a fruitful scholar experience for me, as I was given the opportunity to participate in 2 enrichment camps organized by HLF during my college time.

    I had a truly beautiful experience being a Hong Leong scholar, and I urge all the school leavers out there to follow your passions and believe that everything is possible.

    Amelia Ng is a former Hong Leong Foundation scholar. She is currently an auditor at KPMG. To know more regarding our scholarship programmes click here

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Liyanie Hazimi

    After matriculation, I choose to pursue accounting through the mainstream path which is entering the undergraduate studies. Receiving an offer letter from University of Malaya (UM) had brought me one step closer to my dream. A week later, I received the Undergraduate Scholarship from the Hong Leong Leong Foundation o which was a blessing. It was double joy for me and I promised myself that I’ll make the best out of my undergraduate years.

    The four years in UM was a long but yet a meaningful journey for me. Having to attend classes to get an Accounting degree and at the same time building up my personality and skills was not easy but it was not that hard either. I was fortunate to not have any financial issues during these years which enabled me to fully utilize my time juggling between studies and joining activities.

    The lecturers and course mates were really supportive throughout my degree years. They were always there whenever you need help in studies. Classes were fun too as you get to exchange ideas with course mates from different genders, races, and even nationalities!

    As for activities, my favorite club in UM was the facilitator club where I had the chance to give back to the community especially the school students by providing guidance and inspire them to pursue their dreams. I enjoyed my time being a facilitator because of the satisfaction that I could see on their faces, the experience that I get and the sharing sessions received from them which I will not be able to get in textbooks.

    I am so glad that Hong Leong Foundation has given me the chance to not only succeed in achieving my dreams but also inspire me to take part in activities that which enabled me to contribute to the society.

    A kind reminder from me to all the new scholars out there, don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams!! If there is a will, there is a way.

    Liyanie Hazimi was a former Hong Leong Undergraduate scholar who studied Accounting. She is currently undertaking her ACCA. To know more about Hong Leong Foundation's Scholarship Programme, please click here http://www.hongleongfoundation.org/scholarships/

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Chua Yong Xia

    Being a former Foundation scholar, I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude towards Hong Leong Foundation for granting me the scholarship to complete my undergraduate study in University Science Malaysia (USM). It is my honour to share my experience as a former HLF scholar.

    I graduated in Bachelor Degree of Accountancy in USM. Instead of choosing to start my career, I opt to start my postgraduate study and ACCA. The main reason is I feel that there is a need for me to endow myself with an extra qualification and skills. It cannot be denied that being a successful accountant is my goal in my life. Therefore, I choose to complete my last 5 paper in ACCA to mould me into the right path to become a successful future accountant.

    Additionally, I have a great interest to become a lecturer to share my knowledge with others. Therefore, in order for me to join the academic field, I need to possess at least a Master's degree. This is the reason why I choose to further my studies. Nowadays, most people no longer have a Plan A in planning their career path, most of us are looking to our side income or we maybe we have our own Plan B. Hence, joining the academic line is not only my plan B but it is also my passion as well.

    I started my graduate course two months ago. The Master's programme that I have enrolled in is fully on research. It is with abject trepidation that I begin my Masters dissertation. Obviously it is a puny document in comparison to a PhD thesis, but it is significantly longer than any piece of academic writing I have attempted thus far and therefore more than a little daunting.

    A graduate course is a big transition from an undergraduate course. Every Master's student will have one supervisor who will supervise, inspire and help the students in completing their thesis. We would also have to update our work progress to our supervisor at least once a week. If during my research, I am faced with any doubt or problem, I need to raise the issue and discuss it with my supervisor. This also happens vice versa in the event if my supervisor finds any problems in my research as my supervisor will discuss it with me.

    My experience this far has deepen my knowledge on how the use of financial derivatives is affecting the earning management practices among Malaysian listed companies. This thrust area is something new that I cannot learn from a textbook. By being involved in this research, I have the opportunity to understand how Malaysia listed companies are using financial derivative to affect the earning volatility.

    It is also a pleasant experience as I had the chance to enhance my soft skills especially in learning how to communicate verbally or written and share my information with my other course mates and supervisor. Throughout my two months of studies, I realized that time management is very important to me. As I also have to allocate sufficient time to study for my ACCA. I planned to complete my ACCA within 2 years in line with my master study.

    Apart from that, I perceived that self-motivation is one of the vital factor for those who wish to pursue postgraduate study as we have to plan all the thing by ourselves. In preparation for the move up to doctoral study and research, self-motivation provides the backbone of a postgraduate degree that would aid you choose to go into it.

    Solitary studying comes together with a postgraduate. However, the importance of making time to socialise with course peers, to share your research interests and academic highs and lows cannot be overlooked. Lastly, being a meticulous and diligent person, I believe that I able to complete my master study and ACCA. As I always believe that “Diligence and Perseverance Are the Key to Success”

    And, I wish to reiterate my sincere utmost gratitude to Hong Leong Foundation for sponsoring my undergraduate study. It was a good beginning for me. As a former scholar, I hope that I able continuing build strong relationship with HLF and have a chance to contribute back to HLF. Thank you HLF !

    Chua Yong Xia was formerly a Hong Leong Foundation Undergraduate scholar who is currently pursuing her Masters in Accounting. To know more about Hong Leong Foundation's Scholarship Programme, please click here http://www.hongleongfoundation.org/scholarships/

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Tan Kar Man

    Two months have passed since I started graduate school in London and it already feels like an eternity. Everything is fast paced in London, with it being one of the most strategic locations in the world. I half expected to find a sanctuary in university where I can be away from the hectic city life, but the course is equally fast paced. It took a week or two to get used to but I am glad the MSc Economics program is structured the way it is, so that a lot of information can be given out in a short period of time. There are plenty of opportunities to practice what we learnt and this brings me to what I want to talk about in this article.

    A graduate course is a big transition from an undergraduate course. Truth is, there is no way we can learn from lectures alone. True learning happens outside the classroom, from our colleagues. I am not only talking about being exposed to their various cultures (it is incredibly fascinating to hear stories about where people are from and what growing up was like in their respective countries and to do ‘cultural exploration’ with them, more on that later).

    What I mean is, my course mates come from all sorts of backgrounds, some who just left the work force, others who like me just finished Bachelors, and some who already managed to live their dreams. Because a lot of these people have used and practiced these economic theories in real life, they are able to offer someone who is less experienced, like me, with a whole different perspective on how things run and why some theories, are simply not applicable to the real world unless certain assumptions are made or some serious tweaking has been done on the economic model. They make me challenge everything I have learnt up until now and realize how little I know about how an economy works thus inspiring me to read up more in order to be more aware of real world events and their relation to the theories I am currently studying.

    Despite the course being intense, I do try and squeeze in a little time for fun. London, after all, is a center of cultural heritage. There are museums everywhere and the best part is entrance is free! From the famous British Museum with signature exhibits such as the Rosetta Stone, Greek Parthenon, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, etc. to the Natural History Museum with Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and other fossils and much smaller museums like the Hard Rock Café Vault with guitars used by Jimi Hendrix, Gene Simmons and many more, you will never get bored in London since there is always something to see.

    All of this would not have been possible without Hong Leong Foundation. I would not have been able to develop myself as much as I have in these two months and would not have been able to take advantage of this location see things I never would have seen back home in Malaysia.

    They made this dream of pursuing a graduate degree come true for me and they can make it come true for you too. And honestly, if you actually make time to read this, I will tell you to never give up, never surrender. If you do dream, dream big and do not be afraid to ask for help along the way.

    Tan Kar Man is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Economics at the University College, London. If you are interested pursuing a Masters degree and the experience of studying abroad, please like and follow

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Nadia Mohd Noh

    In this third installation of A Scholar's Journey, we take a look at Nadia Mohd Noh who is taking her Masters in Financial Analysis in La Trobe University, Melbourne.

    The MFA (Master in Financial Analysis) program at the La Trobe University has definitely broadened my academic horizons. It has helped me enriched my problem-solving skills and I was able to experience being in a group with group members comprising of different backgrounds from different countries.

    My time in Australia has been nothing short of amazing as I was shown the different approaches and methods in solving problems with the amazing support I received being in a group setting. In addition, the Master in Financial Analysis programme in La Trobe is aligned with CFA subjects and this would further boost my confidence in undertaking a CFA paper in the future.

    Apart from that, La Trobe is the first University in Australia that provides Islamic banking subjects. As Malaysia is leading in developing Islamic Finance, it is interesting to exchange ideas and knowledge with other international students and lecturers so that I am able to use this exchange and knowledge to contribute and improve the Islamic finance system in Malaysia.

    Studying abroad has given me a new outlook and perception on life and other cultures around me. I hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience a unique education abroad.
    If this has got you interested in applying for the Masters Scholarship with the Hong Leong Foundation, click here to find out you can be one step closer in achieving your full potential!

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Lim Ai Han

    Every year, the Hong Leong Foundation provides scholarships for individuals interested in studying for their Masters. In a year, a total of two intakes will be open for applications. In this first installation of A Scholar's Journey, Lim Ai Han shares his experiences as a scholar studying Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne.

    A year into living in Melbourne, Australia, I have learned how this city is well planned and how it is aligned with social equity thus forming multiculturalism and a stable society. What impresses me even more is how global warming is treated as a serious issue and how the economy has taken into consideration of narrowing the gap between the poor and the rich.

    Ai Han with his coursemates and his tutor

    My most precious experiences in Australia however was how I was able to deepen my research about urban planning and architecture in one of the greatest livable cities in the world. And it was during this time from my time researching that I stumbled upon interesting stories that I was not able to find in books. It was because all of these was done through engaging with the locals! One unexpected but memorable conversation that I had during my time researching was a conversation I had with an old bus driver whilst travelling through dark and hilly roads.

    It is also a great experience to have friends from different backgrounds from various countries. It was exciting to share and exchange stories about our countries cultural heritage and city planning. With what I have learned here, I hope I am able to return to Malaysia and make a profound change.

    Ai Han with his research work exhibited at the Melbourne School of Design on exhibition day.

    Studying and researching in Australia has provided me a chance to experience and to understand the critical future with precedents and the pragmatic solutions. It has opened my mind to communicate and exchange ideas beyond the borders of nationalities, culture and experiences.

    Hong Leong Foundation has provided me with a chance to learn beyond my expectations, I would sincerely recommend anyone who has passion, vision and interest to apply for the Hong Leong Masters Scholarship to live out their potential.

    Interested in applying for the Hong Leong Foundation Masters Scholarship Programme? Click here to find out more!

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Joanna Ghazali

    Every year, the Hong Leong Foundation provides scholarships for individuals interested in studying for their Masters. In a year, a total of two intakes will be open for applications. In this second installation of A Scholar's Journey, Joanna Ghazali shares her experiences as a scholar studying Masters of Business Administration at the Boston University.

    I was looking around my cubicle one day, taking stock of what I needed to do for each of my piles of paperwork – when I came to a realization that somewhere along the way, I had forgotten to chase my dreams.

    This triggered a drive in me that led to the exhausting obstacle course that became the road to my MBA in the United States. If you’ve submitted your application to the Hong Leong Foundation’s (HLF) Scholarship Programme, then you’re probably on it too. It’s like running through hot coals, jumping through hoops and juggling little hedgehogs at the same time. There’s a lot at stake, but you owe it to yourself to try, and you don’t want to let yourself down.

    My experience in America has been phenomenal. It has changed my life in so many ways. The discussions in classrooms go beyond what’s in the textbooks, and the interactions are with such a diverse class of students hailing from all over the world but unified in ambition, and the desire to better themselves.

    Go with an open mind. Listen to the views of those from first world, developed economies but never feel inferior. Being Malaysian, we have years of working experience in an emerging economy, where there are opportunities for growth that more mature markets do not. Our culture and heritage is also rich and you’ll find that you have interesting things to say to add to the conversation that are a refreshing spin.

    Being in graduate school is different from when you took your undergraduate degree. No one is making you take these classes. Every subject you take, learn it in your brain and let it change how you think. Some day you are going to be a director, head architect, chief financial officer, a business owner, or what ever you are going to be and people will expect you to know things and to make decisions well. You may not be able to ask as many questions at that point, so ask them now. Arm yourself for that dream job you’ve always wanted.

    Good luck with your applications and don’t give up. It’s a big adventure and its worth it.

    Interested in applying for the Hong Leong Foundation Masters Scholarship Programme? Click here to find out more!

  • A Scholar’s Journey - Shaun Adam
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Choong Wei Ling
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Amelia Ng
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Liyanie Hazimi
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Chua Yong Xia
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Tan Kar Man
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Nadia Mohd Noh
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Lim Ai Han
  • A Scholar’s Journey - Joanna Ghazali

Intern's Diaries

Intern's Diaries

  • The Importance of a Scholarship
  • Intern Diaries – Ruth Patricks & Jeyasree Meganathan
  • Intern Diaries – Ellie
  • Intern Diaries – Ong Ying Hui
  • Intern Diaries – Alexi Nash
  • Intern Diaries – Zhi Sheng
  • Intern Diaries – Tory Yew
  • The Importance of a Scholarship

    Mavist Cruz is a Hong Leong Foundation scholar and she is currently pursuing a Degree in Petroleum Engineering in UCSI. Here, she shares her thoughts on the importance of a scholarship. If you are interested to be a Hong Leong Foundation scholar like Mavist, click here !

    The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that you have to have your whole life figured out at such a young age. The ‘I must’s are much painful than the ‘I will’s, as you work hard to achieve the one eighth of your big dreams because it's hard not knowing where you stand.

    You never really had to deal with the fear of not having enough until you were the first to want more, as this gets obvious as you grow older. We're all different people with different troubles and from different backgrounds. Every one of us just wants to succeed. We're all ultimately living for one purpose: A chance to prove ourselves. Proving itself is another story, just as to be able to pursue your studies first, because everything revolves around money. This is the time where people will face a make it or break it situation. That’s when the word ‘SCHOLARSHIP’ becomes the most Googled word and the search lasts for weeks and months!

    Not only do scholarships provide money, but it carries itself prestige and honor to receive one because scholarship is a gift that keeps on giving.

    Aside from that, how else is a scholarship important?

    Scholarships provide an opportunity for many youths and adults alike to earn an education. Without assistance from an outside source, students may have trouble paying for the degree/diploma they need in order to enter the workforce and become part of a contributing member of the society, especially in Malaysia.

    Opportunities like this don’t come often, particularly when someone wants to sponsor YOU to pursue the course that YOU want. What’s even thrilling is that there is no bonds tied to the scholarship granted by the Hong Leong Foundation. Now that’s a first!

    It also motivates you to do well. The prospect of receiving a termination letter and fear of losing your status of being a scholar is enough to make sure that you pass all your subjects with flying colors. It also would be a shame to receive a failing mark if your peers and lecturers know that you’re a scholar.

    Success is addictive. Once you get the scholarship certificate, you would also automatically have the continuous perception in striving to obtain the certificates for dean’s list and first class honours. When you know you’re in the right place to help your parents to save up some money, you’ll realize that you have to study in order to maintain the scholarship requirements, because you don’t want to go back to the same state you came from.

    You may have heard it so many times, but I am just going to say it again. Being a scholar is fruitful because it stands out in your resume for work application. It’s another way saying that the scholarship awarders have already done 80% of the research on your family background, your characters and personal attributes. They always say that companies look into graduates who has actively contributed to the society. Scholarship programmes like the one offered particularly by Hong Leong Foundation make it a must for scholars to be mini-heroes to the needy public by volunteering in street feeding and other community service.

    In case if you’re one of them whose still finding scholarships for yourself or for your siblings, why not give Hong Leong Foundation scholarship application a chance!

    You might end up having a miracle moment.

  • Intern Diaries – Ruth Patricks & Jeyasree Meganathan

    Who says heroines don’t even exist within the walls of the corporate office? Sporadically placed post it notes and undocumented files strewn over the offices tables would be the last thing that you would expect from these two super-organized interns. Meet Ruth and Jeya.

    Their job scope consists of helping to key in top secret data in Excel sheets, keeping the Hong Leong Foundation page lively as possible on Facebook by providing fun facts and educational articles, go get super-urgent mails, and lead the team’s recycling heroes all the way from Mentakab on twice a month basis.

    When we asked them both, on why they chose to do their internship with us, Jeya mentioned that she was keeping her eye out for a job placement, just when Shafiq posted up the internship offer on Facebook. (Lucky her!).

    Ruth, as we found out thought it would be cool to finally fill up her resume with her first ever internship at Hong Leong Foundation, rather than to fulfill her wishes of being a temporary potato couch back at home as her university permits it (We’re only joking!).

    Apart from having to walk a little further to get to the Wisma back and fro from KLCC especially at peak hours, Ruth and Jeya proclaimed that they did not face any challenges, because Shafiq made it easy for them.

    If it’s the one memory that they would recall from the Foundation, it’ll be the jovial individual named Shafiq who always effortlessly keeps the office alive, apart from annoying these girls until he gets on their nerves. Ouch haha. ‘Without him it would be quite boring in the office’, mentioned Jeya. They equally love seeing everyone wear smiles on their faces in the office. ‘I like the working environment, it’s always happy, everybody has always some kind of story to share everyday’, added Ruth.

    So how super-organized are our interns as they seem to be? Here at the Foundation, Jeya and Ruth learnt Excel shortcuts, filing and categorizing documents even at the top most shelves to the hard to find places, besides cheque dispatching duties and answering phone calls. Ruth revealed that she had gotten rid of her fears of making phone calls, when she was asked to call up scholars to get updates from them.

    We even asked them an interesting question to get to more about their personality,’ You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?’. Jeya indicated that she would be the light purple colored crayon because she is more focused and relaxed, whereas Ruth chooses to be the light blue colored crayon because she likes things to be calm at hand and to her it resembles a person who is patient.

    Join the Hong Leong Foundation league to unleash your superpowers! Spoiler alert: Here we treat friends as families, you would not regret the experience.

  • Intern Diaries – Ellie

    When I first visited Hong Leong Foundation, I was not sure of what to expect. However, after working with this inspiring team for a few weeks, I can say for sure that it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far. I had the pleasure of participating in various meaningful projets.

    Initially, I partook in the establishment of a new SOLS scholarship in Penang’s university PSDC. It was a unique experience, not only because I got a deeper insight into the financial and organisational planning of the scholarship, but also because I went to Penang and got to meet scholars in their first week. Moreover, back in Kuala Lumpur, we organised a thumb printing event for children, visiting several Children’s Homes, and got them to participate in order to raise funds for their Homes.

    Finally, I assisted in interviewing scholarship candidates for international masters. It was very interesting to be on the other side of the interviews, and the students’ determination was energising.

    Overall, those few weeks with HLF gave me a lot more than I could have imagined. I would highly suggest to anyone who is willing and able, to capture this unique opportunity. You will get to work with an amazing team, discover a great culture – if you are not from Malaysia – and go home everyday feeling like you have learnt and achieved more.

  • Intern Diaries – Ong Ying Hui

    The outcome from my internship was more than what I expected. It was exciting to observe how a corporate company operates. The dress code in the workplace, the place setting and organizational culture was very much different from what I experienced in school.

    My main responsibility was to do administrative work and also research about NGOs in Malaysia. From the responsibilities that were given to me, I better understood the functions of Hong Leong Foundation, and was given the opportunity to participate in various programs such as NGO accelerator, Office Recycling Program and etc. From these programs, I realized that there are many other organizations who are taking initiatives to do the right things in order to improve the livelihood of Malaysia and hence, shaping a better nation.

    Further, I also assisted Mr. Shafiq in managing the Scholars’ club. Hong Leong Foundation organized scholarship enrichment camps for scholars. It was my pleasure to contribute in providing an enjoyable and an enriching camp for my fellow scholars who I am more than happy to call friends!

    Thank you, Hong Leong Foundation, for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to get one step closer to the real working life. And I am glad to have made a bunch of friendly colleagues who helped me along the way and making my internship a good one.

    I strongly encourage everyone to to grab this opportunity to join this awesome team.

  • Intern Diaries – Alexi Nash

    Wanting to get experience and bigger opportunities internationally; I chose Hong Leong Foundation as they work closely NGOs.What I experienced was a beautiful team of well rounded, intelligent people; whose passion for social justice and politics and social change shone through.

    Each had there own passions in the field and gave me such an educated insight. All were helpful, friendly and made me feel extremely welcome. The work environment was extremely relaxed and gave their employees encouragement through an open and honest outlet. Thoughts, ideas and we're all given an opportunity to be listened too, discussed and focused.

    By interning with Hong Leong Foundation, I was given a deeper insight to different NGOs, the processes in which they work with them, as well as increasing my awareness in different social issues. My time with Hong Leong was very educational, broadened my knowledge, and increased my awareness of social justice in Malaysia. A great experience with beautiful people I know, I can call my friends.

    Interested in gaining the same experience as Alexi? Join the Hong Leong Foundation team as an intern! Send in your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Intern Diaries – Zhi Sheng

    In this second installation of the Intern Diaries, Zhi Sheng describes how his communication skills, both verbal and written has sharpen during the duration of his internship.

    It all started when I decided to try something new and meaningful during my two-month long semester break. Being a Foundation scholar, the first idea that came to my mind was to apply for an internship with the Foundation. To my surprise, I was accepted, and that is where the story began.

    On the first day of my internship, I was greeted with a warm welcome by our friendly Shafiq, the person-in-charge of the Scholarship Programme. My main job scope throughout my internship was to assist the Foundation in managing the Scholarship Programme, as the Foundation was preparing to conduct interviews for a new batch of undergraduate scholars. As a person who has undergone the interview process as a candidate two years ago, I find it interesting to be able to get involved in the same process again, this time from the preparation and implementation side. Towards the end of my internship period, I assisted in preparing the scholarship agreements for the new batch of scholars. It is great to see that the Foundation continues to touch the lives of young, ambitious individuals by supporting their education.

    But of course, that’s not all. During my internship, I also had the opportunity to visit the SOLS 24/7 Activity Centre, the place where our ROAR scholars stay and undergo their enrichment programmes. I was also involved in the office recycling programme and assisted in making arrangements for the Scholars’ Camp held in September.

    In short, my most valuable gain from the internship is my improvement in communication skills, both verbal and written, as I had the chance to correspond with various internal and external parties. It was a pleasant experience working together with the nice and friendly people in the Foundation team, and I would recommend students who are seeking a fun yet enriching internship experience to join the Foundation.

    Zhi Sheng is currently a student in Universiti Malaya. He reads extensively and

    Interested in interning with the Hong Leong Foundation? Drop an email at mohdshafiq@hongleongfoundation to find out how!

  • Intern Diaries – Tory Yew

    A go-getter, Tory describes himself as being constantly eager to develop himself. In this first installation of Intern Diaries, Tory Yew shares his experience of being an intern with the Hong Leong Foundation.

    I am a person who is eager for self-development. A go-getter, I do not like to live my life unproductively even though I could just relax for the entire duration of my semester break, I would choose to utilise it, it was then that I decided to work as an intern with Hong Leong Foundation.

    My first impression on the workplace environment was WOW! I was amazed, it has wooden tables arranged into a shape of quadrillium (a type of four leaf flower) which proves to be extremely comfortable once you sit down to kick start your working day.

    It was so comfortable that I have to admit that at times I almost fell asleep because the environment was just too cozy! HAHAH! Well, ehhemm, back to the serious stuff. Personally, I have gained quite a number of working experiences here. As a student, I am glad that I was able to explore a working environment as one of the many opportunities that I was given was to be involved in an presentation to a representative of the Human Resources department on the enrichment programmes that the Foundation runs.

    Additionally, I was able to pick up skills by being involved in doing research on NGOs and social enterprises and took responsibility in administrative matters whilst joining the Hong Leong Foundation team in fun events such as a presentation on the importance of choosing your career path in Sunway University and attending the Social Innovation Track, a programme organised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation where NGOs shared their experiences on how they are addressing the social problems and making positive differences.

    Throughout my one month of internship, I have definitely been able to widen my horizon and there were a lot of values that I was able to take home and there were times that I wish I could stay longer but all in all my internship had been a rewarding experience.

    I would highly recommend students to take the opportunity to go for the internship as it adds value to your personal, academic, and professional pursuits.

    Tory Yew is currently a Hong Leong Scholar and he is pursuing his studies in HELP University. When he is not spending his time studying, he spends his time being awesome!

    Interested in interning with the Hong Leong Foundation, drop an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more!

  • The Importance of a Scholarship
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  • Intern Diaries – Tory Yew

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