Intern's Diaries

Intern's Diaries

Intern's Diaries

  • The Importance of a Scholarship
  • Intern Diaries – Ruth Patricks & Jeyasree Meganathan
  • Intern Diaries – Ellie
  • Intern Diaries – Ong Ying Hui
  • Intern Diaries – Alexi Nash
  • Intern Diaries – Zhi Sheng
  • Intern Diaries – Tory Yew
  • The Importance of a Scholarship

    Mavist Cruz is a Hong Leong Foundation scholar and she is currently pursuing a Degree in Petroleum Engineering in UCSI. Here, she shares her thoughts on the importance of a scholarship. If you are interested to be a Hong Leong Foundation scholar like Mavist, click here !

    The biggest mistake you can make is thinking that you have to have your whole life figured out at such a young age. The ‘I must’s are much painful than the ‘I will’s, as you work hard to achieve the one eighth of your big dreams because it's hard not knowing where you stand.

    You never really had to deal with the fear of not having enough until you were the first to want more, as this gets obvious as you grow older. We're all different people with different troubles and from different backgrounds. Every one of us just wants to succeed. We're all ultimately living for one purpose: A chance to prove ourselves. Proving itself is another story, just as to be able to pursue your studies first, because everything revolves around money. This is the time where people will face a make it or break it situation. That’s when the word ‘SCHOLARSHIP’ becomes the most Googled word and the search lasts for weeks and months!

    Not only do scholarships provide money, but it carries itself prestige and honor to receive one because scholarship is a gift that keeps on giving.

    Aside from that, how else is a scholarship important?

    Scholarships provide an opportunity for many youths and adults alike to earn an education. Without assistance from an outside source, students may have trouble paying for the degree/diploma they need in order to enter the workforce and become part of a contributing member of the society, especially in Malaysia.

    Opportunities like this don’t come often, particularly when someone wants to sponsor YOU to pursue the course that YOU want. What’s even thrilling is that there is no bonds tied to the scholarship granted by the Hong Leong Foundation. Now that’s a first!

    It also motivates you to do well. The prospect of receiving a termination letter and fear of losing your status of being a scholar is enough to make sure that you pass all your subjects with flying colors. It also would be a shame to receive a failing mark if your peers and lecturers know that you’re a scholar.

    Success is addictive. Once you get the scholarship certificate, you would also automatically have the continuous perception in striving to obtain the certificates for dean’s list and first class honours. When you know you’re in the right place to help your parents to save up some money, you’ll realize that you have to study in order to maintain the scholarship requirements, because you don’t want to go back to the same state you came from.

    You may have heard it so many times, but I am just going to say it again. Being a scholar is fruitful because it stands out in your resume for work application. It’s another way saying that the scholarship awarders have already done 80% of the research on your family background, your characters and personal attributes. They always say that companies look into graduates who has actively contributed to the society. Scholarship programmes like the one offered particularly by Hong Leong Foundation make it a must for scholars to be mini-heroes to the needy public by volunteering in street feeding and other community service.

    In case if you’re one of them whose still finding scholarships for yourself or for your siblings, why not give Hong Leong Foundation scholarship application a chance!

    You might end up having a miracle moment.

  • Intern Diaries – Ruth Patricks & Jeyasree Meganathan

    Who says heroines don’t even exist within the walls of the corporate office? Sporadically placed post it notes and undocumented files strewn over the offices tables would be the last thing that you would expect from these two super-organized interns. Meet Ruth and Jeya.

    Their job scope consists of helping to key in top secret data in Excel sheets, keeping the Hong Leong Foundation page lively as possible on Facebook by providing fun facts and educational articles, go get super-urgent mails, and lead the team’s recycling heroes all the way from Mentakab on twice a month basis.

    When we asked them both, on why they chose to do their internship with us, Jeya mentioned that she was keeping her eye out for a job placement, just when Shafiq posted up the internship offer on Facebook. (Lucky her!).

    Ruth, as we found out thought it would be cool to finally fill up her resume with her first ever internship at Hong Leong Foundation, rather than to fulfill her wishes of being a temporary potato couch back at home as her university permits it (We’re only joking!).

    Apart from having to walk a little further to get to the Wisma back and fro from KLCC especially at peak hours, Ruth and Jeya proclaimed that they did not face any challenges, because Shafiq made it easy for them.

    If it’s the one memory that they would recall from the Foundation, it’ll be the jovial individual named Shafiq who always effortlessly keeps the office alive, apart from annoying these girls until he gets on their nerves. Ouch haha. ‘Without him it would be quite boring in the office’, mentioned Jeya. They equally love seeing everyone wear smiles on their faces in the office. ‘I like the working environment, it’s always happy, everybody has always some kind of story to share everyday’, added Ruth.

    So how super-organized are our interns as they seem to be? Here at the Foundation, Jeya and Ruth learnt Excel shortcuts, filing and categorizing documents even at the top most shelves to the hard to find places, besides cheque dispatching duties and answering phone calls. Ruth revealed that she had gotten rid of her fears of making phone calls, when she was asked to call up scholars to get updates from them.

    We even asked them an interesting question to get to more about their personality,’ You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?’. Jeya indicated that she would be the light purple colored crayon because she is more focused and relaxed, whereas Ruth chooses to be the light blue colored crayon because she likes things to be calm at hand and to her it resembles a person who is patient.

    Join the Hong Leong Foundation league to unleash your superpowers! Spoiler alert: Here we treat friends as families, you would not regret the experience.

  • Intern Diaries – Ellie

    When I first visited Hong Leong Foundation, I was not sure of what to expect. However, after working with this inspiring team for a few weeks, I can say for sure that it was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had so far. I had the pleasure of participating in various meaningful projets.

    Initially, I partook in the establishment of a new SOLS scholarship in Penang’s university PSDC. It was a unique experience, not only because I got a deeper insight into the financial and organisational planning of the scholarship, but also because I went to Penang and got to meet scholars in their first week. Moreover, back in Kuala Lumpur, we organised a thumb printing event for children, visiting several Children’s Homes, and got them to participate in order to raise funds for their Homes.

    Finally, I assisted in interviewing scholarship candidates for international masters. It was very interesting to be on the other side of the interviews, and the students’ determination was energising.

    Overall, those few weeks with HLF gave me a lot more than I could have imagined. I would highly suggest to anyone who is willing and able, to capture this unique opportunity. You will get to work with an amazing team, discover a great culture – if you are not from Malaysia – and go home everyday feeling like you have learnt and achieved more.

  • Intern Diaries – Ong Ying Hui

    The outcome from my internship was more than what I expected. It was exciting to observe how a corporate company operates. The dress code in the workplace, the place setting and organizational culture was very much different from what I experienced in school.

    My main responsibility was to do administrative work and also research about NGOs in Malaysia. From the responsibilities that were given to me, I better understood the functions of Hong Leong Foundation, and was given the opportunity to participate in various programs such as NGO accelerator, Office Recycling Program and etc. From these programs, I realized that there are many other organizations who are taking initiatives to do the right things in order to improve the livelihood of Malaysia and hence, shaping a better nation.

    Further, I also assisted Mr. Shafiq in managing the Scholars’ club. Hong Leong Foundation organized scholarship enrichment camps for scholars. It was my pleasure to contribute in providing an enjoyable and an enriching camp for my fellow scholars who I am more than happy to call friends!

    Thank you, Hong Leong Foundation, for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to get one step closer to the real working life. And I am glad to have made a bunch of friendly colleagues who helped me along the way and making my internship a good one.

    I strongly encourage everyone to to grab this opportunity to join this awesome team.

  • Intern Diaries – Alexi Nash

    Wanting to get experience and bigger opportunities internationally; I chose Hong Leong Foundation as they work closely NGOs.What I experienced was a beautiful team of well rounded, intelligent people; whose passion for social justice and politics and social change shone through.

    Each had there own passions in the field and gave me such an educated insight. All were helpful, friendly and made me feel extremely welcome. The work environment was extremely relaxed and gave their employees encouragement through an open and honest outlet. Thoughts, ideas and we're all given an opportunity to be listened too, discussed and focused.

    By interning with Hong Leong Foundation, I was given a deeper insight to different NGOs, the processes in which they work with them, as well as increasing my awareness in different social issues. My time with Hong Leong was very educational, broadened my knowledge, and increased my awareness of social justice in Malaysia. A great experience with beautiful people I know, I can call my friends.

    Interested in gaining the same experience as Alexi? Join the Hong Leong Foundation team as an intern! Send in your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Intern Diaries – Zhi Sheng

    In this second installation of the Intern Diaries, Zhi Sheng describes how his communication skills, both verbal and written has sharpen during the duration of his internship.

    It all started when I decided to try something new and meaningful during my two-month long semester break. Being a Foundation scholar, the first idea that came to my mind was to apply for an internship with the Foundation. To my surprise, I was accepted, and that is where the story began.

    On the first day of my internship, I was greeted with a warm welcome by our friendly Shafiq, the person-in-charge of the Scholarship Programme. My main job scope throughout my internship was to assist the Foundation in managing the Scholarship Programme, as the Foundation was preparing to conduct interviews for a new batch of undergraduate scholars. As a person who has undergone the interview process as a candidate two years ago, I find it interesting to be able to get involved in the same process again, this time from the preparation and implementation side. Towards the end of my internship period, I assisted in preparing the scholarship agreements for the new batch of scholars. It is great to see that the Foundation continues to touch the lives of young, ambitious individuals by supporting their education.

    But of course, that’s not all. During my internship, I also had the opportunity to visit the SOLS 24/7 Activity Centre, the place where our ROAR scholars stay and undergo their enrichment programmes. I was also involved in the office recycling programme and assisted in making arrangements for the Scholars’ Camp held in September.

    In short, my most valuable gain from the internship is my improvement in communication skills, both verbal and written, as I had the chance to correspond with various internal and external parties. It was a pleasant experience working together with the nice and friendly people in the Foundation team, and I would recommend students who are seeking a fun yet enriching internship experience to join the Foundation.

    Zhi Sheng is currently a student in Universiti Malaya. He reads extensively and

    Interested in interning with the Hong Leong Foundation? Drop an email at mohdshafiq@hongleongfoundation to find out how!

  • Intern Diaries – Tory Yew

    A go-getter, Tory describes himself as being constantly eager to develop himself. In this first installation of Intern Diaries, Tory Yew shares his experience of being an intern with the Hong Leong Foundation.

    I am a person who is eager for self-development. A go-getter, I do not like to live my life unproductively even though I could just relax for the entire duration of my semester break, I would choose to utilise it, it was then that I decided to work as an intern with Hong Leong Foundation.

    My first impression on the workplace environment was WOW! I was amazed, it has wooden tables arranged into a shape of quadrillium (a type of four leaf flower) which proves to be extremely comfortable once you sit down to kick start your working day.

    It was so comfortable that I have to admit that at times I almost fell asleep because the environment was just too cozy! HAHAH! Well, ehhemm, back to the serious stuff. Personally, I have gained quite a number of working experiences here. As a student, I am glad that I was able to explore a working environment as one of the many opportunities that I was given was to be involved in an presentation to a representative of the Human Resources department on the enrichment programmes that the Foundation runs.

    Additionally, I was able to pick up skills by being involved in doing research on NGOs and social enterprises and took responsibility in administrative matters whilst joining the Hong Leong Foundation team in fun events such as a presentation on the importance of choosing your career path in Sunway University and attending the Social Innovation Track, a programme organised by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation where NGOs shared their experiences on how they are addressing the social problems and making positive differences.

    Throughout my one month of internship, I have definitely been able to widen my horizon and there were a lot of values that I was able to take home and there were times that I wish I could stay longer but all in all my internship had been a rewarding experience.

    I would highly recommend students to take the opportunity to go for the internship as it adds value to your personal, academic, and professional pursuits.

    Tory Yew is currently a Hong Leong Scholar and he is pursuing his studies in HELP University. When he is not spending his time studying, he spends his time being awesome!

    Interested in interning with the Hong Leong Foundation, drop an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know more!

  • The Importance of a Scholarship
  • Intern Diaries – Ruth Patricks & Jeyasree Meganathan
  • Intern Diaries – Ellie
  • Intern Diaries – Ong Ying Hui
  • Intern Diaries – Alexi Nash
  • Intern Diaries – Zhi Sheng
  • Intern Diaries – Tory Yew

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