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'A budding pastry chef' is how one would describe hearing-impaired student Khew Yun Loi. "I love to savour different flavours and I love seeing people enjoying the cakes and cookies I baked," said the 25 year-old Yun Loi with such passion you could see the joy in his eyes.

'Speaking through' his interpreter, Ms. Rose Ng, Yun Loi said that his love to savour different flavours led him to want to learn how to make cake and pastries. He admitted that it is an absolute passion and enjoyment to see people relish in the cakes and cookies he baked. His favourite cakes to bake are Tiramisu and Opera cakes.

Recently completing his International Certification in Patisserie (Advanced) at Taylor's University under the full sponsorship of Hong Leong Foundation, Yun Loi has only good things to comment on the course and his pastry advisor Chef Karam Singh Godrei. "It was a lot of fun participating in the class and fine tuning my baking skills. The experience became more valuable as my pastry making skills improved day by day. The kitchen facilities are of world class quality," he said.

On what surprised him the most during the class, Yun Loi said that there are times when certain raw ingredients are scarce to find in the market thus making it difficult for him to want to bake the perfect flavour or taste. "I did not expect Taylor's to provide these raw ingredients in class and it was an added surprise that the ingredients are of good quality. I looked forward to the classes as I am excited to know that I am now able to fine tune my baking skills with such resources," he explained.

"I also appreciate and enjoy Chef Karam's class. He is always there to help whenever I needed it." Yun Loi added. Yun Loi is also a graduate of the International Certification in Patisserie (Basic) under the Hong Leong Foundation.

Despite his physical handicap, Yun Loi is making a difference with the skills he learnt from Taylor's University School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (TCHT). Not only is he making a living as the head pastry chef at the Silent Teddies Bakery, a bakery runs by The Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD), he also shares his expertise with children with special needs from various shelter homes in town.

Admitting it is not an easy task to operate and manage a bakery, Yun Loi said that he has learnt to accept people's comments and feedbacks and modify recipes to suit most people's taste and preference. "I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with others who are interested in pastry-making, and it motivates me to want to do better," he said.

Pastry Course Advisor Chef Karam sees huge potential in the young Yun Loi. "He has a lot of potential as he displays the passion to become one of the best pastry personnel. He is always the first to arrive for class and the last to leave and is always upbeat about learning new recipes. "His handicap has never been a hindrance for him as he would constantly relay his questions via his translator. All he need is to spend some time in practicing his finishing skills and he could become a successful pastry chef," commented Chef Karam.

Established in August 2010, the Silent Teddies Bakery is a product of donation from the Hong Leong Foundation and The Latin American Ladies Association. Located in Ampang and run by The Community Service Centre for the Deaf (CSCD), the bakery sell breads, cakes and cookies, and with the assistance of the Latin American ladies, it organises cooking classes teaching Latin American and Malaysian recipes.

Operating under the Taylor's Centre for Continuing Professional Education (CPE), the part-time International Certification in Patisserie is offered in collaboration with Taylor's University School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts (TCHT) and the Academie de Toulouse, France.

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