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01 Feb 2011

Art with Heart

Nestled in the heart of Section 17, Petaling Jaya is United Voice's Art Gallery - a gallery that showcases artwork from more than eight persons with learning disabilities.

United Voice, the first society led by persons with learning disabilities that is registered with the Registrar of Societies in Malaysia, believes strongly that given the right and the opportunity, persons with learning disabilities can be empowered and enabled to contribute in an inclusive society.

Their art gallery is testimony to this.

Walking into this cosy and well lit gallery, renovated by the Hong Leong Foundation, you will find art pieces ranging from elaborate pen drawings of cityscapes, vibrant floral paintings, several works of pottery and Chinese style inspired artwork.

These art pieces are from talented young artists who have made waves in Malaysia and other parts of the world with their unique works of art.

Prodigy Ping Lian Yeak, is an excellent example of an artist from United Voice who has made it big in the artwork. Ping not only has his own art gallery located in Subang Jaya but some of his pieces has also been featured in art galleries outside of Malaysia.

So, if you feel like buying a piece of art for your new home or if you are trying to jazz up your dining or living room, perhaps you could support the United Voice Art Gallery a visit and get some pieces of art with heart.

For more information about United Voice, their art gallery and other on-going self employment projects, you can visit

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