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"The new kitchen has given us the space we so badly needed so as to be able to separate the resident's kitchen from the microenterprise kitchen. With this separation, besides training those in our residential programme, we are able to reach out to some poor women who work flexi-hours in order to supplement their family income. With the new equipment we are also able to increase production and it is good to see the women grow in self confidence and pride as they learn new skills. Thanks to Hong Leong for all your support.

Sister Helena Vutialingam" In 2008, with a donation of RM120,000 RVGSC purchased kitchen equipments and renovated their old cramped make-shift kitchen.
Renovation started in October 2009 and the kitchen was ready for business in August 2010. Besides serving as a training centre for their residents, it is also churning out food for sale benefitting the centre as well as their residents and the women who have sought assistance from the centre. Over 50 women have benefitted from this program so far and one of them is 37 year old Ruby. "What I like about this place is the opportunity to learn", said Ruby. "Thanks to Sister Helena I have picked up many cooking skills." "Ruby came to RVGSC in 2010 and she is now my top cook in the kitchen", said Sister Helena, the backbone of the centre.

Some of their signature products are chicken pie, apple pie, curry puff, pickled salt fish, lime cordial, cookies etc. Their products are available in a small shop named "Heart Gift Shop" in Hospital Fatimah, UNISEM and Carsem Ipoh. You can also call them at 605-5467031 if you would like to give your support. The support we gave is not only financial support but also a personal development for the women.

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