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Speaking at the check presentation ceremony held earlier today, Ms Quek Sue Yian, Director of the Hong Leong Foundation said, "The Hong Leong Foundation actively pursues opportunities where we can play a part in improving the quality of education in the country today. This donation to Kuen Cheng Girls High School is one such opportunity. Our donation will go towards the construction of bigger and better facilities for the school, thereby helping create an environment in which students can excel."

Established in 1908, the Kuen Cheng school buildings are considered to be in dire need of an upgrade with better facilities urgently needed. The school's Board of Directors expect that by building new facilities, the school will be transformed into a modern and complete education centre providing students today with an excellent and conducive learning environment.

"Education in particular, takes top priority for the Hong Leong Foundation. Indeed, the children and youth hold our future in their hands - and one day soon they will be the captains of industries, government leaders and heads of families nurturing generations to come. We must do as much as we can to ensure they have our full support today."

Every year, Hong Leong Foundation sets aside at least RM2.5 million for its programmes. Donations to select charities nationwide fall under the Community Welfare Programme, a Student Assistance Programme (SAP) is set up to provide for some of the basic school needs of select primary and secondary school students, while scholarship grants for university and diploma education fall under the Scholarship Programme. The scholarship grants the Foundation awards for Diploma and Undergraduate studies at select institutions of higher learning are unconditional and non-bonded.

Over and above the RM2.5 million the Foundation sets aside for the programmes indicated above, it also allocates additional funds for the construction of school buildings - Kuen Cheng Girls High School is one of this year's beneficiaries along with Phor Tay School High School in Penang, Kluang Chong Hwa High School in Johor.



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