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10 August 2009, Kuala Lumpur - Hong Leong Group today awarded scholarships worth RM1.6 million to outstanding students from low income families. At RM1.6 million in grants, 75 tertiary education-bound students of which 4 are with visual and hearing impairment stand to benefit.

With the belief that education helps to improve lives, the scholarship programme was established to address the financial challenges faced by the deserving but underprivileged who would otherwise not be able to further their studies. The Group is a firm believer that education is a way to break the cycle of poverty.

"Hong Leong Group has always firmly believed that education is important. A good education gives one a solid foundation to build upon. And we hope that those of you who we are helping secure an education will one day serve the community or the country; be of help to others who are in need," said Hong Leong Foundation Director, Dr. Poh Soon Sim. "We saw in you tenacity, leadership qualities and potential for academic success. Develop yourselves to become role models for other students to come."

The Scholarship Programme is a Group effort supported by all its subsidiary companies for the benefit of the public and children of employees. RM1.14 million will go to scholarship grants for the public while RM450,000 worth of grants will go towards the education of employees' children. To-date, the Group have disbursed over RM15.3 million to almost 900 students pursuing courses in multiple disciplines.

First initiated in 1978, the scholarship is given unconditionally, with no bond attached. There is absolutely no need to repay the grant amount which could range from RM1,500 per year for pre-university students and up to RM20,000 per year for private university students. Eligible applicants are selected based on merit and financial need.

Along with the scholarship grant, the Foundation offers its scholars the opportunity to acquire practical experience through industrial training at relevant Group subsidiary companies. The work environment exposure develops the scholars' work skills and character making them more attractive to future employers.

Hong Leong Foundation also pledges a yearly allocation of at least RM2.5 million for its other programmes which include donations to selected charity organisations nationwide under the Community Welfare Programme, as well as the provision of basic school needs to selected primary and secondary school students who come from poor families nationwide under its Student Assistance Programme.

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