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Hong Leong Foundation together with SEEDS Training kicked off the first Scholars Enrichment Camp for 2015 kicked in Cherengin Hills Spa & Resort with a total of forty-four students attending. These students compromise mostly of students studying in universities located in the Klang Valley were bundled into teams the moment they arrived in Cherengin.

The reason for this was for the scholars to strengthen the bonds of camaraderie and this was done through the challenges which not only tested the approach students adopt in solving problems but also how challenges can be solved together as a team.

For the facilitators, the strongest memory embedded throughout the duration of the camp was the activity held on the last day. The students were asked to write their own fears or limitations that would hold them back from achieving their goals on a wooden board and then encouraged to break the wooden board, signalling their overcoming their fear.

It was indeed a sight to see forty-four students who only two days earlier were slightly shy and reserved now having a determined look on their faces breaking the boards with gusto. The rest of 2015 looks promising as there will be a further two enrichment camps for the scholars which will progressively equipped the students necessary skills to bring forward into their careers.

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