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In a simple yet meaningful ceremony, Hong Leong Group Malaysia, through Hong Leong Foundation presented donations to several selected charity organiations /NGOs located in Penang.

"Our aim is to help those in need. Hong Leong Foundation gives us the opportunity to reach out to the poor and needy people in our community," said Chuah Ean Hean, Chairman of Regional Management Committee (RMC) in the Northern Region, on behalf of the Hong Leong Foundation.

The following organisations were selected as this year's charity recipients in the Northern Region

  1. Children's Protection Society
  2. Shan Children's Home
  3. The Mental Health Association
  4. Rumah Sejahtera Permatang Tinggi
  5. Nasom Intervention Centre

The common thread among the organisations above is that they all reach out to special children and youth. These organizations provide training programs so that these special children and youth can acquire skills that will help them get on in life and become as productive members of society as they can be. Hong Leong Foundation support these organizations' good work with the hope that the contributions will go a long way in ensuring the success of their programs.

Every year, Hong Leong Foundation sets aside at least RM2.5 million for its programmes. Donations to select charities nationwide fall under the Community Welfare Programme, scholarship grants for university and diploma education fall under the Scholarship Programme while a Student Assistance Programme is set up to provide for some of the basic school needs of select primary and secondary school students nationwide.

The scholarship grants the Foundation awards for Diploma and Undergraduate studies at local universities and select institutions of higher learning are unconditional and un-bonded.

This commitment to corporate social responsibility has long been, and will continue to be, an important tradition for the Group.

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